Monday, August 6, 2012

Day in the Life Of: Family Gathering (+OOTD)

So, as you all know, I got my Canon fixed and now, I will be able to take much better quality photos than I normally do with my iPhone (woop woop!). Today was pretty eventful. Had a great meal with my close family before some distant relatives came over for a large gathering. Of course, I was very excited to spend time with the family members I don't normally see very often (minus that one aunt who ALWAYS manages to make things awkward). I took a few photos during the day, including my outfit, and I'm happy to share with you guys!

Yummy green salad! Minus the tomatoes, just the way I like it.

The lovely people at the salon brought me green tea and water as I was getting pampered..Too sweet!

Semi-finished result. The lady doing my hair kept telling me not to touch it hahah, but I couldn't help it! It looked so soft and bouncy!

Plain gold bangle: Topshop
Tiger cuff: Vintage

Really not-that-high black patent leather heels: Office (UK)

Rose-gold necklace: Cartier
White body-con dress: Reversed (Czech Republic)
I apologize if you guys can't see it all the way to the bottom, but there's not much to see really. It just reaches right above the knee in the same structure you see above.

aaaaand, that's all folks!


  1. Loved the hairdo, shoes and the healthy salad. I hope you had fun :)

  2. Nice blog Chesire, I like it!
    Im now following you :)

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  3. Great blog & photos :-) And I love that tiger cuff!

  4. That fresh cotton candle looks like it smells AMAZING.


  5. Hi dear! I'm stopping by from IFB and want to say I'm loving your necklace and cuff!!! Great taste you have girl! I'm now your newest follower on GFC and hope you will stop by and visit me when you get a chance! Have a great day! xx Pip

  6. That necklace is gorgeous in all its simplicity. And another gorgeous pair of flats!