Sunday, June 2, 2013



American Vintage short sleeve top
$69 -

NARS Cosmetics lip stick

Laura mercier
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Mac cosmetic
$26 -

L oréal pari
$20 -

BaByliss flat iron
$38 -

Free Fabulous Jewelry, Anyone?!

I'm so sorry for being MIA these past couple of days as I've been working on some great line ups for you guys (excited? I am!). Since I haven't exactly been up to speed in the blogging world, I thought I'd make it up to you guys with a fabulous giveaway, no? Persun Mall wants to give one of you guys a piece from their fabulous jewelry! Here are the deets: 

Here's what you need to do:
1. Register at *(required) 2. Like their Facebook page: *(required) 
3. Leave a comment stating the registered email, name, the item link you like (the one you registered on Persunmall) *(required) 
4. Share this giveaway on your social media(e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+1, Personal Blog) and post your comments with the shared link (for verification). *(optional)
5. Be a follower of my blog through any social platform (duh!)
Winners and Prizes: 1. We choose one winner from every 30 participants, which means a winner out of 30 participants, two winners from 60 participants. So there must be at least 30 participants, or the giveaway will be cancelled. So don't forget to spread this giveaway on your social media!
2. Winners will be announced on PERSUNMALL OFFICIAL PAGE on 25, June. PersunMall marketing team will contact winners by email, so be sure to check back then after you enter!
3. For winners, they will be allowed to choose one of the following items:
1. Exquisite Flowers Ring
2. White Rose Ring
3. Punk Rhinestone Bracelet
4. Stylish Spider Pendent Necklace
5. Europe Retro Rhinestone Link Bracelet
6. Elegant Big Gem Ring
7. Stylish and Simple Bracelet
8. Stunning Summer Necklace
Matters need attention: 1. The validity of activity: June 1,2013 - June 23,2013.
2. Participants who shared more links than others will have more chance to be chosen as the winners.
3. Those who have ever registered at persunmall are not allowed to join this giveaway.
4. If you can't be the winner, PersunMall also prepared a gift for you, 20%off orders over $60, just use the coupon code PERSUN20%OFF after your order over $60.(Pls make sure you use it within a month, the valid time for this is only 30 days from 1,June to 30 June)

Pretty simple, right? A couple of mouseclicks and you'll get a chance to add some new bling to your wardrobe!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Inspire to be inspired!

I'm all for social outlets where you can share your latest and greatest with the world, and be up to date with what everyone's been wearing lately. About My Style is a website where each day (24 hours, for those of you who don't know what a day is hahah) there is a new theme, and you can upload and check out what people are wearing related to that theme.

For example, one theme I really liked was "arm candy". Lord knows I love me some good arm candy!

I'd love to check out what you guys contribute to the site, so hurry up and get started! Let me know what you think of this awesome creation down below in the comments.

Today's theme! Let's get uploading!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tried and True: How to work a summer body and get the perfect tan!

I will not bore you all with the old "Summer's coming up, etc." introduction because for some of us, summer's already knocked on our doors and all those days of telling ourselves we'll start working out tomorrow suddenly come to back to haunt us. (and by us, I mean me.) You change into your swimsuit, and suddenly you can spot a million flaws about how you look, and you feel like it's too late to fix them!


There are plenty of short term things you can do to get yourself beach ready. I personally turn to these things whenever I have an impromptu beach day.

Most important factor in being beach ready?

smooth skin. Nobody on this planet wants to see un-cared for legs on the beach (not to mention some other parts), and the absolute least you could do is to make sure they're silky smooth and ready to pick up a tan.

Exfoliate, always. Take your favorite scrub, along with a loofah, and scrub the living hell out of your arms and legs. I like Soap and Glory's Sugar Crush, because it does the trick for me (not to mention, it smells great).

STEP 2: 
Shave! Just beware of ingrown hairs. They can be the most annoying thing ever. What you want to do is shave a day after exfoliating (especially those of you with sensitive skin) and make sure your razor is super-sharp and has a moisturizing agent attached to it. I personally don't like to use shaving cream, because it's too foamy and I cannot see for the life of me what I'm doing. That's why those soap bars attached to the razors come in handy. This one by Schlik is AMAZING. Take my honest word for it. I don't think I'll ever be buying a different razor after having great results from this one. It also has calming aloe for those of you with sensitive skin.
It's called Schlik Intuition Naturals.
Moisturize. All that exfoliating and shaving will only result in mayhem for your skin if it doesn't retain a proper level of moisture afterwards. I would personally invest in a more natural-based product that's worth the price, just because drugstore products are often drying and irritating because of the consistency and chemicals involved. The thicker the consistency, the better (even if it is summer). I like these body butters from Korres because for some reason, I find they work great with shaving. I always have smooth skin for weeks up to a month after shaving because these body butters maintain the skin's moisture so well (when used daily, of course).
STEP 4 (optional):
Well, if we're speaking in technicalities, all of these steps are optional. Anyhoo, bring on the instant sun! Normally, I'm all for the natural. However, I'll be honest with you guys, I like the effect a spray tan has on me more than I do for natural tanning. (The fact that UV rays are super bad for your skin plays a fairly big role as well). I just feel like if you buy a good spray tan product, it could give you a healthier glow as opposed to the dull shade of darker brown I turn when tanning in the sun. I also prefer hitting the beach/poolside with a tan. That;s where self-tanners come in handy.  My skin is medium-toned to fair, but I do tend to go brown in the sun as opposed to burning. Tanning gives you the effect of appearing slimmer, and when done in the sun actually burns calories! I personally cannot go through a single summer without having my fair share of attempts at achieving the perfect tan, whether it's through product or sun rays. What I eventually called my holy-grail tanning routine, is as follows:

Before sun/Without sun:
Apply self-tanner generously all over smooth skin (make sure steps 1, 2, and 3 are done first!) with a tanning mitt or your hands. Try not to put as much tanning product on your knees and elbows, and blend with vigor (you don't want to look like you have giraffe spots by the end of this!) Wash your hands well afterwards, and repeat this entire step until you achieve the desired shade. I like this one by No 7, found in any Boots drugstore. It gives amazing color and contains vitamin E, which is great for the skin.

During sun exposure: 

I know this might be irrelevant, but ALWAYS apply sunblock on your face. Trust me, it's in your best interest. As for the body, apply any sun tanning product and lay on your back for 25 minutes, then rotate to laying on your stomach, and repeat for maximum 2/3 hours. Always wear sunglasses and a hat, just so you won't feel dizzy while laying in the sun, and make sure some good music and a cold drink is handy. This range by Lancaster is an amazing multitasker for tanning and getting rid of stubborn cellulite.

Hope you guys found this guide useful! Happy tanning :)

Lots of Love,
Taibah xx

Monday, May 13, 2013


Hello dolls!

The kind people at Oasap want to give one lucky winner a piece from their online store! If you guys don't know Oasap, it's an awesome online store that sells really pretty pieces at really affordable prices. They've recently contacted me and in honor of me posting again, they'd like to give one of you readers a prize gift!

The winner will get to choose from the following pieces:

The rules are as follows:

1. Sign up as a member of;
2. Follow at least one of following accounts:
3. Provide the correct shipping information if she will be chosen as a winner.

I will contact the winner via email, so leave your email in a comment below, along with telling me which of Oasap's accounts you've joined. 

**Also, if this giveaway does not result in 50 entries, it will be cancelled until further giveaways. So tell your friends, and don't forget to sign up!

Calling all Young Republicans!

So I've recently come across Young Republic, a hip webstore platform where you can buy and sell things for up-and-coming brands (a la Asos Marketplace). Very neat indeed, and I was impressed by how cool the layout and content of the site was (reminded me of the kinda stuff you see on Tumblr girls ) They've got some pretty awesome things on there. One particular brand that sparked my interest is Wild Soul sunglasses.  So up my alley! If you're into the not-so-average sunglasses you only ever come across on a daily basis, then Wild soul is definitely the brand for you. I really liked the ones in the picture, and I believe they're called the Black Owls. Which reminds me of yet another neat fact about Wild Soul- they kinda do this thing where they name each pair of sunglasses after a wild animal (or a wild soul....get it? GET IT?) and it adds to the whole flare of the thing. I'm not complaining!

I included the links above, so do us both a favor and start shoppin'!