Monday, August 13, 2012

Day in the Life Of/Boots and Topshop Haul

I needed to do some shopping for my 11 year old cousin since it was her birthday (her gift needed some finishing touches), and so I had some friends tag along with me. I'm so glad they did, because for some reason I'm incredibly indecisive when it comes to shopping for others (especially birthday gifts). I always worry they won't like it, and even though the cliche still stands: "it's the thought that counts", I worry we might not be on the same page thoughts-wise either. I'm so glad I actually found some great things for her! A couple more things, and I'm set for her birthday gift. I ended up buying some things for myself as well (I can't hold myself back all the time hahah).

Ps. My friend S took us around the grocery store for ages searching for grenadine molasses, because she heard it was really healthy and truly makes a difference in complexion, hair, and overall health. We finally found a bottle of it and she was ecstatic. Have any of you guys ever tried it? I'll be sure to ask how it worked out for her because, hey, who doesn't want to rock thick hair and a good complexion?
My friend D knows I've been on the hunt for the perfect white polish, so she became her sweet old self and got  me Waltz by Essie. Thanks girl!

My cousin's only turning 12, so I thought getting her make-up might be a bit of a stretch. I got her the next best thing, though: nail-polish! Got her a pink crackle finish from Barry M, as well as a mint green cream finish.

Thought she'd love these: The bracelets on the left resemble things like wisdom, happiness, peace, and love, and the cute little pearl necklace on the right is actually a smiley-face wearing headphones.

I got this for myself. I heard some good things about it and wanted to give it a go for my upcoming trip to the UK, to keep me busy on train and plane rides. I'll let you guys know if it was a good read or not.

I got her this body spray from soap and glory, just because I feel like it's such a cute girly scent that isn't too heavy, but is still distinctive.

Another purchase I made for myself. I've always wanted to try the Beautiful Skin range from No.7, because so many people have been raving about it. I didn't want to get the full sizes, just in case these didn't work out for me and I'd be wasting a major amount of product if I didn't like the range. (Stay posted for a review!)

I got her this set from Soap and Glory, which has a hair mask, a scrub, a body butter, a body wash, and a body spray. I found it was a cute addition to add to her gift.

My friend D actually got this so that I could properly review the product for different skin types; (Mine is combo-dry, and hers is combo-oily) I didn't want my review to be bias towards only one skin type and so I thought I'd let you guys know how it worked for 2 different people.

My friend S's outfit. She definitely stole the show tonight. Pants: Zara (previous collection), Vest: Local boutique (look at that detail near the collar!), shoes: Local boutique, Bag: Celine (Nano)



  1. Your friend looks amazing! I will have to give the essie polish a go, i can never seem to find the perfect white :)

  2. I love those printed pants and the denim jacket your friend is wearing. I've never tried essie post before but I'd love to now. Stop by my blog sometime?

  3. love everything you bought, and your friends outfit! x

    & thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. (:

  4. Everything is so lovely! ♥ Really great blog ;*

  5. I really want to try out that soap and glory stuff!

  6. pretty polish is the perfect gift for a 12 year old! love the colors you chose.