Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tattoos 101

Today, a very special friend of mine will be doing a guest post about the tattoo she got recently, and the experience that came with it. She came over today and I thought it looked amah-zing. So here's T, bringing to you her experience getting her first piece of ink. Enjoy!

Ever since I could remember, I've been fascinated by tattoos and what they symbolized to the people who got them. I feel like each tattoo is a permanent memory on one's skin, significant to the person who had it done. Around a year ago, or so, (after being iffy about it) I finally decided to get some kind of script on my ribs. After several months of looking for something that had meaning to me, I stumbled upon Andrea Gibson's poem "Dive" and totally had an "Aha!" moment when I heard the last line that said "Breathe deep and dive". I don't want to elaborate too much the meaning it has for me because that could literally take forever. Anyways finally, I contacted a tattoo artist after researching his artwork and booked an appointment on my birthday. During those weeks I looked online for a perfect font to go along with the wording. The morning of my appointment, I printed it out and showed it to the tattoo artist and we agreed on the size of the font. I was very scared seeing as everyone says the experience of getting a tattoo was extremely painful, and that the ribs are the most painful area. Since this was my first time getting one I didn't know what I was getting myself into. What if I let him go half-way and end up getting the words "Breathe de" and can't go on any further because it was too painful? Haha, anways. The pain, to my surprise, was almost nonexistent. It seriously did NOT hurt at all. It felt like a ballpoint pen was being pressured on to your skin basically. It did, however, feel a little bit irritating at times. I think it's probably the fact that I have a strong threshold for pain. It took about 40 minutes to get done and I couldn’t have had a better experience. Hope you guys found this helpful!

{For those of you yearning to get a tattoo and are refraining from doing so because you're afraid, my advice to you guys would be not to get one unless you're completely sure you need it permanently inked on your skin. (You would hate to get something too youthful like a butterfly and end up having to still look at it when you're 50 haha.) If you're indecisive about what to get, you probably should wait. Getting a tattoo for the sake of being inked is pretty pointless. If you are completely positive and know what you want, go for it! You aren't sure you'll be guaranteed a next life to live, and if it's on your bucket-list, why hesitate?}


  1. Great tattoo!!! loved it, your blog is amazing!
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  2. That tattoo is absolutely fenomenal! I hope the irritation passes soon. ;)
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  3. i really like your tattoo but i'm too scared to get one on myself :)

  4. If I wasn't a huge pansy over needles, I would consider a tattoo. But I am a huge pansy ... So no, thanks. Yours looks great, though! I really like it.
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