Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Threads Vintage

This may be a vintage shop, but the pieces are absolutely timeless! Based in Chicago, Illinois, these designs are all such statement pieces and must-haves for any fashion lover's closet. Farah, the incredibly sweet shop owner, describes Threads and it's collection as
      "Fun, edgy, fresh. I like to make the old new, simply out. Just like designers refer to past for inspiration, I refer to runways for my source of knowledge in picking inventory. I like vintage clothing that is WEARABLE. I want the girls and women who wear my clothes to be able to easily transition them into their daily wardrobes of today. But still, you gotta keep it funky!"

I strongly suggest you check these out, as their collections are so versatile, and I absolutely loved everything I saw. I feel like these pieces never go out of style! My personal faves, shown below, are:

The ring and the watch are both so elegant and chic!

I find this so cute to wear as either a statement piece for a more casual look, or a cocktail ring for a more formal event.

If you love their stuff as much as I do, I strongly suggest you guys visit their Facebook page, as all the necessary links are linked onto there (maybe even give it a like and show some support? )


  1. Aw, wow! This looks really lovely. I'm a big fan of vintage, especially when it comes to accessories :)