Monday, May 13, 2013

Calling all Young Republicans!

So I've recently come across Young Republic, a hip webstore platform where you can buy and sell things for up-and-coming brands (a la Asos Marketplace). Very neat indeed, and I was impressed by how cool the layout and content of the site was (reminded me of the kinda stuff you see on Tumblr girls ) They've got some pretty awesome things on there. One particular brand that sparked my interest is Wild Soul sunglasses.  So up my alley! If you're into the not-so-average sunglasses you only ever come across on a daily basis, then Wild soul is definitely the brand for you. I really liked the ones in the picture, and I believe they're called the Black Owls. Which reminds me of yet another neat fact about Wild Soul- they kinda do this thing where they name each pair of sunglasses after a wild animal (or a wild soul....get it? GET IT?) and it adds to the whole flare of the thing. I'm not complaining!

I included the links above, so do us both a favor and start shoppin'!


  1. Hey, great post love :) Love the glasses

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  2. Love the post!!