Sunday, June 2, 2013

Free Fabulous Jewelry, Anyone?!

I'm so sorry for being MIA these past couple of days as I've been working on some great line ups for you guys (excited? I am!). Since I haven't exactly been up to speed in the blogging world, I thought I'd make it up to you guys with a fabulous giveaway, no? Persun Mall wants to give one of you guys a piece from their fabulous jewelry! Here are the deets: 

Here's what you need to do:
1. Register at *(required) 2. Like their Facebook page: *(required) 
3. Leave a comment stating the registered email, name, the item link you like (the one you registered on Persunmall) *(required) 
4. Share this giveaway on your social media(e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+1, Personal Blog) and post your comments with the shared link (for verification). *(optional)
5. Be a follower of my blog through any social platform (duh!)
Winners and Prizes: 1. We choose one winner from every 30 participants, which means a winner out of 30 participants, two winners from 60 participants. So there must be at least 30 participants, or the giveaway will be cancelled. So don't forget to spread this giveaway on your social media!
2. Winners will be announced on PERSUNMALL OFFICIAL PAGE on 25, June. PersunMall marketing team will contact winners by email, so be sure to check back then after you enter!
3. For winners, they will be allowed to choose one of the following items:
1. Exquisite Flowers Ring
2. White Rose Ring
3. Punk Rhinestone Bracelet
4. Stylish Spider Pendent Necklace
5. Europe Retro Rhinestone Link Bracelet
6. Elegant Big Gem Ring
7. Stylish and Simple Bracelet
8. Stunning Summer Necklace
Matters need attention: 1. The validity of activity: June 1,2013 - June 23,2013.
2. Participants who shared more links than others will have more chance to be chosen as the winners.
3. Those who have ever registered at persunmall are not allowed to join this giveaway.
4. If you can't be the winner, PersunMall also prepared a gift for you, 20%off orders over $60, just use the coupon code PERSUN20%OFF after your order over $60.(Pls make sure you use it within a month, the valid time for this is only 30 days from 1,June to 30 June)

Pretty simple, right? A couple of mouseclicks and you'll get a chance to add some new bling to your wardrobe!

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