Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Health Fix: Detox Solution

I was flipping through magazines the other day, when I stumbled upon a recipe-type weight-loss solution that promises to make the struggle to lose weight a little easier.

It goes, as follows:

- 1 regular-sized bottle of water
-Cayenne pepper
-1 lemon
-1 orange
- 1 cucumber
- Maple syrup (optional)

Basically, what you do is you add as much cayenne pepper as you can handle to the mix (I wouldn't go for more than 2 tablespoons). Then, you chop up or blend the other ingredients and add them as well. The lemon and cayenne pepper are supposed to detoxify you, and the grapefruit and orange help to dramatically increase the amount of fat your body produces. The cucumber helps with cellulite and toning the body more easily.

You should drink some of the solution half an hour before meals, so that it decreases appetite, as well as prepares your body to burn fat.

I personally wouldn't recommend anyone to give this a try if they don't have a healthy diet and exercise regimen, but with the latter, you should definitely see some amazing results!


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