Friday, September 7, 2012

At Long Last!

I apologize vastly for the little hiatus my blog has been going through due to the fact that I have been out and about in the UK, and I have so much to show you guys! This first post is going to consist mainly of pictures because I feel like you guys would want to see these first. I am going to flood you guys with posts because I've been working with so many people in London and they've all been incredibly sweet to me and have spoiled me dearly.

I loved London. Despite how busy it was, obviously, the shopping was spectacular, the rainy weather was right up my alley, and the people were just too cute!

Hyde Park-ing it!

Typical London weather

The Terrace, one of my favorite places to eat in London.

My suitcase already being flooded with goodies.

Interesting books at Selfridges' bookstore.

I found this adorable and had to thoroughly convince myself I didn't need a new clock for my room hahah

Probably the best blueberry muffin I have ever tasted in my entire life.


Breaking it down for us.

The classic red two-story bus.

Love from London!

On one of our random train rides to the outskirts.

Enjoying my white mocha and waiting for a friend to come out of the fitting room.
Expect new exciting stuff soon! It's good to be back :)


  1. looks really cool!

  2. Awesome pictures! Looks like a great time! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love yours! I follow back!


  3. so jealous! I love London!
    also you suitcase is so neatly packed!
    following you back now :)

  4. I love london so much, it is one of my favorite cities in the world:)
    xx Kate