Wednesday, September 12, 2012

August/September Beauty Favorites

Hello, lovely readers! I have been loving so many products lately, and I had to be extremely selective in order not to make this a ginormous post. Here we go!

This is the Nuxe Aromatic Exfoliant for the face and decollete area. It's so gentle (you can barely even feel the beads) and yet it does the job so amazingly, revealing smooth soft and yummy smelling skin. The best part is, the so-called "beads" are actually nuts and grains and there are also essential oils such as rosemary oil and walnut oil. I loved this instantly after I bought it, and it's so gentle and safe for the skin. So even if it didn't do much for your skin type (mine is combination dry) it couldn't possibly hurt your skin in any way as it has such a low level of chemicals and is paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

The make-up line by Gorgio Amani is famous for it's foundations and how smooth and flawless they feel on the skin. I personally loved this one. I don't really use it on a daily basis because I have quite a few foundations I have to use up, but using it the other day, I realized why I fell in love with it in the first place. The coverage is medium/buildable, and I like to use this on days when my skin is feeling dry, because it gives such a smooth finish. The only advice I would give when using this foundation is to apply on top of  a high-coverage concealer, and set lightly with a translucent powder, as it is a bit creamier than usual.

Lately, I've been more of a lip-liner kinda girl. This one is perfect in terms of both consistency and versatility, because it's creamier than most liners, so you can fill in your entire lip with it and sub it for a lipstick. It's in the shade Pink Treat, which is a sandy kind of pink with a hint of beige in it. This is like the click-lead pencil of liners. It rolls up, so there's no need to sharpen it, which is great because I almost always forget to sharpen my make-up pencils and end up neglecting them (which is horrible of me.. I really should learn to pick up a sharpener whenever my pencil ends are blunt hahah)

Ain't it purrrrrrdy? Then again, most MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes are. This one is in Semi-Precious Pearl, and it is great as a highlighter, blusher, and a bronzer. I know the pink part is super tiny, but it's actually within pretty good reach (even with a large powder brush). The highlighter part is so pretty. It's kinda like Soft and Gentle, but more of a pink-toned highlighter than a gold or white-toned one.

Yes. Baby powder. I will provide you all with a quick tip, and you can thank me later. Once you leave the shower, apply this SPARINGLY with a powder brush on your face and neck. Get dressed and let it set for about 15 minutes, and your face is completely matte, and foundation-ready! Do not apply too much, as you don't want to look like a ghost. Just tip it on a surface so that a little bit comes out, and swirl your brush around in it. My make-up lasted all day after this, my pores weren't clogged, and if you have acne, the powder should dry it right up as well as minimize it's appearance. It's super gentle on the face as well, because it was formulated for delicate skin.

This is a multi-purpose oil from Nuxe Cosmetics. It is yet another Nuxe product I'm in love with. Nuxe is seriously such an amazing brand, because I feel like it's done nothing but nourish my skin and hair, which is great. I apply this on my hair when it's towel-dried, and it amps up the shine in my hair amazingly. It also gets rid of my frizzies, and smells so floraly and yummy. (Like I would ever eat flowers, but you get my point)

I've been using this as a mask for quite a while now, and I've almost ran out. It's the Klorane Mink Oil Balm for Dry and Brittle Hair. It says on the bottle that it's nourishing and detangling. I don't know about detangling (my hair is a rebel.) but as per the nourishing part, my hair is definitely a lot softer since I've used this. I'm not saying since there's mink oil in there that by the time the bottle is empty your hair will be as soft as mink fur (I wish!) but it does get a lot softer with time. The effects are long-lasting, which is a lot more than I can say for most drugstore conditioners.

This is the Aveeno Soothing Relief Moisture Cream. I've only recently bought this, but I love it! I apply this all over my body after the shower, and it definitely lives up to it's claims of 24 hour moisture. It's hypo-allergenic and fragrance free (so if you like yummy-smelling lotions, this probably isn't for you).

Ah, the famous Dior cult mascara. What can I say? I love my Diorshow Blackout. It gives such a "BAM!" effect to your lashes, and I've been loving it so much, that I skip liner a lot these days because this gives my lashes such a statement look.

This is the fragrance Starlight by Aigner, which I have been wearing mostly at night because it's more of a sultry scent than a cheery day scent. I can definitely smell vanilla and sandalwood in there, as well as some flowers. It smells so amazing to me, and I will definitely repurchase it. I am not that good at describing scents, so I'll just include the fragrance notes here.