Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What is Beauty?

YES, this a beauty-related post.
NO, it is not about make-up or fashion or skincare.

Recently, I've noticed that with each and every passing day, someone looks into the mirror and finds something new they dislike about themselves. Whether it's "I have cankles (for those of you wondering, calf-like ankles)" or "I hate how bushy my eyebrows are" or "Why aren't my eyes blue?" 

I'm going to be as honest as I possibly can here. One girl's beauty dilemma is another girl's wish. For example, a girl with major curves would diet like mad to be skinny, and a skinny girl would hate that she's flat and try to accentuate whatever curves she can come to find. Another example would be the constant discontentment with hair that we're all familiar with. If your hair is pin-straight, you'd want it to be a bit curlier, and if your hair was curly, you'd wish it were more sleek and straight.

Our level of satisfaction? ZERO.

But it's human nature. For those of you who embrace your natural beauty, well done. It's okay to want to make some changes to your appearance. Dying your hair doesn't mean you're insecure with it. But when it gets to the point where no matter what you do, you always feel less than beautiful, that's when you need to realize that beauty is simply a matter of perspective. Sure, not all 7 billion people in the world will find you drop-dead gorgeous. You can't please everyone, and that's how life works. That in mind, what you hate about yourself could be someone out there's exact idea of beauty. So the next time you apply your make-up, don't forget to add some confidence!

You are all beautiful.



  1. I love you Taibah! This was beautiful :D

  2. Cute little post
    daily-hoot.blogspot.co.uk xo

  3. This is such an inspiring post! I keep a notecard on all of my mirrors that say "You're Beautiful", and it's so nice to see it on days where I feel down.

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